If you need help to verify your domain for your Facebook Account, the DFY team can assist you. Please follow the steps below to retrieve the information we need from your Facebook account in order for us to help you verify your domain:
Make sure you have a Business Ads Manager Account. If you do not have one or are not sure if you have one please see the videos below.* If you are already managing your ads from a Business Manager Account you can skip this step.

*Please note: If you are unsure if you have already verified your domain, please watch the first video below that will show you where you need to check to see if your domain is already verified
How to set up a FB Ads Business Manager Account
In this video we show you how to identify if you have a FB Business Manager Account and if not how to set one up

Here is the link to create a Business Manager Account if you do not have one already:

How to connect your Ad Account to Business Manager
In this video we show you how to connect your Ad account into your Business Manager Account
From this link shared by Julie from the COD team, please complete Steps 1-4 in the 'Add your domain in Business Manager' section:

The instructions are also pasted below:
Once you have completed instructions 1-4 listed in the last step. You should get to a screen that looks like the below example. Please send us the TXT record from this screen. You can email this to our support team at
If you are already using the DFY Service and have previously given us access to your domain account (where you have purchased your domain)...
you do not need to do anything further. We will take care of helping you with the last steps to get your domain verification complete. Once the steps are complete, we will let you know.
If you have not used the DFY Service before or have not previously given us access to your domain account...
We will require access to your domain account where you purchased the domain you are using in your funnel. We will also need to know the URL (domain name) you are using.

If you are using Go Daddy, here is a quick video on how you can give our team access:
If you purchased your domain from a different company please let us know who you purchased it from and please send us the login information for your account or grant us user access to
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