The War For Your Attention Is Real

Other consultants, coaches and experts have declared war with each other in order to get your attention and your business in particular.

You have finally found the safe haven for your business to thrive.

As a business owner you’re facing a future defining decision….defy your industry now or die an average death….the forgotten business that no one even cares or knows about.

Defy or die.

This decision decides ultimately whether or not your business has a heartbeat…or no pulse.

It’s real.

The landscape of business is changing and changing rapidly.

With everyone vying for your attention and other companies literally waging war against each other for the opportunity to “coach, consult, or advise” you…

…we have bad news.

The war for your attention is already over…..because you’re here.

Right here. Right now.

And you’re here because you don’t need somebody else “telling” you on what to do.

You just want it done. Period.

You don’t want to be told how to scale your business to the 7-8 figures and beyond, you want a finely tuned 7-8 figure+ business built for you. And built fast.

And we happen to have “cracked the code” to 7-8 figures and beyond.

The Quantum Code.

“This team is the VERY best in the world at all things marketing”

Russ Ruffino
Founder – Clients On Demand

While everyone else is busy fighting the war, you’re busy unleashing your secret weapon. Us.

You’re smart.

We’re savvy.

Together, you’re unstoppable.

Like the Wright Brothers invented the airplane 100 years ago, we invented the rocket ship of business today.

The very first of its kind.

While most business owners are moving at the speed of a hot air balloon to nowhere, you’re now moving at the speed of light to a bullseye.

That bullseye?

A finely-tuned 7-8 figure+ business with more attention and more authority.

What the Wright Brothers created was revolutionary.

We created a revolution.

The Quantum Code is simple and specifically designed to:

Position you at the pinnacle of your niche
● Give you a category defining brand platform
● Create aunlimited supply of clients with targeted promotion
● Generate more profits than you could possibly stuff (even in a pirates coffer)…

And build you a business that allows you to serve people and leave a lasting impact in this world…

Significance and recognition at last.

In as plain of English as we know how:

We build you an entire business capable of generating 7-8 figures and beyond

And we simply do it for you.

So you can focus on…simply being YOU.

Finally, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your business is being built with the same precision as cutting and sculpting an FL (“flawless”) diamond.

We are unapologetically different, our method – painstakingly precise, wickedly effective, and future-proof.

Yet, definitely not for everyone and maybe not for you…

“Absolutely top notch in every way. I can’t think of a better team to work with”

Ellie Krieger
Food Network Star
James Beard Award Winner
New York Times Best Selling Author

Let’s call it like it is, we are NOT for “most” business owners  and entrepreneurs.

Most choose to stay stagnant and very few are brave enough to trade the good for the great or even the great for the extraordinary.

Many are happy to have a business just like that hot air balloon mentioned above – slowly moving in whatever direction the winds blows.

Because let’s be honest, getting on a rocket ship, no matter how fast it moves or how far it goes…

…is scary!

With the potential to land on another planet – because a thriving 7-8 figure plus business *IS* like being on another planet – comes great fear, doubt, and quite frankly, a good hard look at the molecules that make you up.

Most just don’t have the metaphorical “balls of steel” to step up.

And most, just don’t have the work ethic to truly match their ambition.

Those are just the facts.

If that is you, it’s time to be honest with yourself. You may not be the client that we work with. And that’s 100% okay with us.

But for that special entrepreneur, the one that’s seen the vision in the flames, isn’t afraid to relentlessly pursue that vision, and understands *greatness* truly is…

...boundless, chainless, and limitless.

If you are that person, you’ve finally found it…

Needle, forget haystack.

Because we understand running and building a business is as difficult as trying to find a needle in a haystack…

…we got you covered.

This is what we do all day, every day, for a very select handful of clients.

We’ve become so good, so efficient, and so precise at what we do, we can actually pick the needle out of the haystack, blindfolded

But ONLY if you qualify…


“I’ve been a client for over 10 years, and I consider them a very important part of my business”

Aaron McCargo
Food Network Star

If you’re selected to work with us, you can expect to have the keys to a finely tuned machine.

In the war for business supremacy, we not only hand you keys to “the machine” but keys to the vault. And in that vault, you’ll have access to firepower that’s different, new, and superior to the competition in every way.

And while you’re becoming accustomed to your new and more potent firepower, simultaneously, we’ll shore up your defenses so that your foundation becomes impenetrable.

The deeper the foundation, the stronger the fortress.

While most of your competition will still be fighting with weapons from the dark ages – wooden shields and billy clubs – you’ll now be armed with futuristic artillery and 2050 ammunition.

That is called an unfair advantage.

And this is what we give to every single one of our clients.

But we are very picky and selective about who we expose our machine and vault to…

…because we understand an unfair advantage for everyone *ISN’T* an unfair advantage.

So we keep what we know close to our chest guarded by bulletproof kevlar and expose “our heart” only to those deemed worthy – that may or may not be you

“Our company grew by 10,000% in one year. We wanted to work with the best”

Lydia Knight
Life With Lydia

With the competition in business getting fiercer and fiercer and everybody “battling” in the race-to-the-bottom war – we specialize in positioning you at the very pinnacle of your niche, enabling you to comfortably charge prices 10-20x your competition, and future-proofing your business in the process.

We install, in your business, a proven, scalable to 7-8 figures and beyond, business model that will get you off the hot air balloon and into the rocket.

“The Model” is responsible for taking many of our clients from “average business” to the very top .25% of their niche in a relatively short period of time.

We install a system in your business that, *IF* you were to try to figure it out on your own, would take you decades to perfect, if at all.

We distill all of that down into a very short amount of time.

It’s safe to say, working with us would prove to be an extremely, extremely, extremely valuable asset for your business.

And we don’t have to tell you what it means to be in the one tenth of one tenth of one percent of your niche and have superior artillery on the battlefield, but we’ll say it anyway…

The rewards are completely disproportionate for those at the top.


To experience what it might be like to work with us, we recommend you request a 15 Minute Quantum Assessment Call.

There is no charge, but you must meet our strict, but reasonable criteria:

● You are ready to make a significant investment in your brand – at least 5 figures.  Our packages start at 3 payments of $5000K.  If you are not prepared to make a significant investment in your business, do NOT apply.

● You must be ambitious, HUNGRY, and ready to grow and scale your business to at least 7-8 figures right now.

You’ve already got a list of potential clients, as well as, clients you’re already serving.

You have most of the business wrinkles figured out but you’re just not sure how to go even bigger.

You’re not afraid to spend money to attract new clients (and you’re currently doing so already).

And most importantly: you understand the power of marketing and advertising and you’re ready to invest in building your brand and marketing machine to make more revenue.

What this means is that we’re not a fit for new business owners who are still bootstrapping their way to a CRM.

We’re for the experts, thought-leaders, and visionaries who are already out there and are ready to be out there in a bigger way.

During our 15 Minute Quantum Assessment call, we will review your business goals and your brand to determine if we can help you and we’re a GREAT fit to work together. 

If we are not a great fit to work together, we will politely let you know and point you in the right direction.

If we are a great fit to work together, we will discuss the next steps.

And by the way…our Quantum Assessment Calls are not sales calls in disguise. 

In fact, there is nothing to buy on the call.

We are simply going to determine IF we can help you and if you are a GREAT fit to work with us.

And to be clear…

We’re not going to strong-arm you into requesting your Quantum Assessment Call…

We’re not going to give you any false scarcity and say that we only have room for 1 more client this month so you’d better act fast.

What we will tell you, though, is the truth:

Service at this level and speed does not come easily and is not “cheap”. 

There is a real cap on the number of people we can help each month.

So if you’re not ready to be the best, don’t waste your time.  You will not get any value from our Quantum Assessment Call.

However, if you are ready to be the best – then don’t waste another second…

The choice is yours…

Will you keep going along as you’ve been going? With unclear direction and cobbled-together solutions that are just barely working for you?

Or will you be crushing it because you made the smart decision to finally act like and be the best. 

To begin the application process for your private 15 Minute Quantum Assessment Call, click the button below:

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