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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

By FAR my favorite holiday because there aren’t any expectations, responsibilities, or obligatory attendance anywhere.

Not that I’m Mr. antisocial, but frankly most “normal folk” (not business owners) typically bore the snot out of me and they have NO IDEA how to relate to what I’m usually talking about anyway.

It’s why social media is so damn dangerous for peeps like us. 

It’s way too easy to let everyone else drag you down into sheeple panic mode. (ESPECIALLY during this virus lockdown…so monitor your mental garbage intake online.)

But that’s not why I’m writing today…

Since everyone has time on their hands right now, thought I’d share something pretty slick that you can use to drum up some quick biz;

Hold a live virtual event.

People right now are STARVED for something to do besides waiting for the next news update.

They’re sitting at home, binge-watching Netflix and refreshing FB and IG on their phone every two seconds.

You don’t think that if you send out a quick email, text, IM, or post to join you this afternoon for a virtual “deep dive” walkthrough of your product or service that you wouldn’t isolate a few prospects ready to buy?

Of course you would.

Use Zoom, or FaceBook live, or stream right from YouTube…

But even if it’s only one single person that shows up, that individual has raised their hand and basically told you “I’m interested.”

And what do you do during the virtual event?

Honestly, anything you want…

Show how a product is made.

Show how a service is delivered.

Show how you developed your business.

Show how customers and clients get results.

Doesn’t matter if you think yourself or your business is as dry as soda bread.

The simple fact that you’re doing a bit of “behind the scenes” will fascinate anyone who is even thinking about buying.

And any sort of passionate demonstration (you are passionate about what you do/sell aren’t you?) will further build the almighty trust-muscle needed to turn interest into customer.

Just be sure to make an offer at the end and you might be pleasantly surprised at what happens. 


Is there a longer-term, systemized solution to using this strategy ALL THE TIME to close herds of people at once. Of course.

In fact, a number of our clients use a more detailed version as part of their “evergreen” promotional mix every single month.
But it has to be part of a bigger strategic plan to grow…to GO BIG…otherwise it’s just another single-use tactic.

You can go read about developing that strategic plan here (NEW):

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